Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Little Blogging Hiatus

Hey, it's been a long few months. Life was getting hectic between work and family life, and I had little drive to write. But we've been busy with good things. Work exploded, Mike finished his year teaching (yay for having him home now) and I took a calligraphy class. Beyond that, I've been having a blast with Miles. He's 16 months now and this is the best age to date. He's loving the nice weather and playing outside on the sidewalk. I've never seen a child so in love with chalk. He always has one piece in each hand and tries to give them to anyone who walks by. I love watching him grow and develop his own little personality and interests.

I'm hoping to blog more now that some balance has been restored to our house. I've missed writing and spending time on here.