Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life at 111 Updates

It's been forever. Let's hang out over a cup of coffee this morning.

This blog is like an old friend that I think about often but forget to call. Life the past few months has been full of changes. Mike is off for the summer and we are expecting another baby in late October. Really the second part of that is the super duper exciting part - not that I don't love having my husband around more. We found out that I was pregnant in February and just last week learned that this little baby is a boy! I can't wait to see Miles as a big brother. It's hard to picture how he will be with a newborn since he seems like such a baby still. Miles will be 22 months when baby number two arrives.

I've been feeling pretty good but these high temperature days are getting to me. Believe me, being pregnant in the fall and winter trumps summer for sure!

How have you been friend?