Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grumbling in the Wilderness

God takes grumbling and complaining seriously, it makes him angry. As I am reading through Numbers, I'm reminded how much I can resemble the ancient Israelites. They wandered through the desert guided by a cloud during the day and fire at night (a visual representation of God). They followed a God who brought them out of slavery and promised them a land flowing with milk and honey.

In Numbers 11 the Israelites complained because they had no meat and in Numbers 14 the people rebelled because they are scared of the nations surrounding Canaan. Sometimes their grumblings seemed petty and sometimes they felt justified.

The Israelites were not trusting that what He had in store for them would be good. They wanted to return to Egypt into slavery. They must have forgotten what they had been saved from. Doesn't that sound like us sometimes. I often forget the despair that God saved me from when I was 13. A life without faith in Jesus would have led me down some terrible paths. But somehow I neglect to trust that the circumstances that God has brought into my life are good. I am quick to complain and make plans to get out of them. In my head, I create scenes where life looks different, perfect even. 

God has put so many amazing blessings in my life and my grumbling devalues all that God has done for me. I am chosen by God to be his child and the last thing I want to be is an ungrateful daughter to the one who gave me life. It's so easy to look at the Israelites and think about what a messed up people they were to want to go back to slavery. But those are my people, and I'm not that different from them when discontentment starts to creep into my heart and thoughts.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Make Me Brave

I am a timid and often fearful person, but I think that God wants to make me brave. He wants me to step out and be bold and confident in him. I want to get swept away in all that God has for my life and not be stuck holding onto things that make me feel comfortable. My heart can just imagine all the joy that comes from a life lived in complete abandon to God. I want that. My prayer today is that God would make me brave and call me out to himself!