Monday, October 7, 2013

My Everyday Look 10.7

I do not consider myself to be super stylish, but I do like to look put together for when I actually leave the house. This outfit I wore to church and then out for a walk at a local park. Please ignore the crazy flip flops that don't do anything exciting for the outfit. And isn't a cute baby really the best accessory.

I think I want to start sharing some of my outfits so that it motivates me to put a little bit more thought into what I wear. I always feel better and more confident when I like my outfit. I like to think that unlike a lot of other bloggers my clothes aren't expensive or new, so it won't be about running out and buying what I wear, but about inspiring you to use what's already in your closet to enhance your own style.

I know how lame my pose looks in the last picture. But cut me some slack, it's my first style post!

Black Blazer: Target (last season)
Ivory Lace Tank: Marshalls (3 years ago)
Mustard Maxi Skirt: Brickyard Buffalo


  1. Awww, Miles is such a cutie pie and I love your yellow dress! I've just subscribed to your blog. I am so excited to following along! :)

    1. Thanks Dena! I'm so happy to have you following my blog. I love blog buddies.