Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Naptime Nonsense

Ugh...another sleep issue with Miles. Now that he has learned to pull himself up and stand while holding onto something, he won't nap. He just stands at the rail of his crib and cries as he chews on the side. If he's not standing, he's sitting down playing.

I need some advice on how to get him to go to sleep easier! Maybe he's spreading out his naps and I'm putting him down at the wrong times. Yesterday before bedtime, he was awake for 6 hours! He just refused to nap, and then it got too late that we didn't want to put him down.

What a silly baby, naps are awesome!!

If he's not napping, why not go play at the park? By the way, check out Miles' little bruise on his eyebrow. He's getting a few more bumps and bruises now that he's cruising around.

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