Saturday, February 7, 2015


Hey friends, I haven't disappeared. But a lot has happened in our family, work and hearts.

On October 11th, Abel was born! It was a wonderful experience and he is an amazing little babe. My heart grew leaps and bounds the moment he was placed on my chest. He's a giggler, snuggler and sleeper. Abel turns four months next week. God has been so good to bring him into our family!

In December, I started working with Young Living Essential Oils to share with others how oils have been so good for our family. My website for essential oils is I'll be sharing some of our oils journey here but there will be way more on that site and blog. I'm still doing graphic design work too.

I'm a different woman than I was four months ago. Along with the birth of our sweet boy, came the birth of a more relaxed Laura. I can't even explain how it happened, except to say that God worked something big in my heart.

I'll be writing more about those things in the next few posts. I used to be a big writer in my journal, but not so much anymore. I want this to be my journal, my place to process what God is doing in my heart, my family, my church and our world.

Love you All. And I missed you, seriously.

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