Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Place of Rest

After listening to some of the IF Gathering conference last weekend, I started to read the book of Joshua. I'm not getting far very quickly because God keeps stopping me in my tracks. Yesterday, I spend the day contemplating what it means to be strong and courageous. I'm still not sure what that looks like, but let's talk about God providing rest.

In the first chapter, Joshua commands the people to prepare to take the promise land. Moses is dead and God has charged him with leading the Israelites. Remember that this is what they have all been waiting for. After 40 years in the wilderness, it's finally time. Do you think they are tired? Do you think they are not only physically exhausted but emotionally wrecked? I do. I can't imagine what it would be like to hear a promise from God and have it take so long to come to fruition.

When Joshua spoke the words "a place of rest" I can almost feel the people of God take one big sigh of relief. It's almost here, they can almost breath. My ESV Study Bible footnotes say "rest suggests freedom from threat, the enjoyment of one's inheritance, security within the borders of the land, and a state of all-around well-being."

God spoke life into me as I read these words this morning. I think they are true for us too. After God calls us to great things, often hard things, he will provide a time of rest. A time for us to rejuvenate and gather our strength. Do you ever feel so tired, so sick of working and fighting? I know that feeling all too well. But we can persevere because we know that it won't always be so hard. God will provide us a place, a season, of safety and peace.

I hope these words speak hope into someone's heart. Keep up the good fight, friend - rest is just up ahead.

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