Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogging, Pride & Jealousy

I was talking to a dear friend Monday night over tea and was telling her about my blog and why I do it. The conversation was steered that way when she asked me how my devotional life was going. And I told her that it was good and I was having precious time which Jesus nearly every day - even if it's just for five minutes in the morning. I mentioned that blogging is a good motivation for making sure that I'm getting time to hear from God. One of the main reasons I decided to blog was to share Jesus with my family, friends and anyone who stumbles across my site. And if I'm not being inspired, then I'm not able to share what Jesus is doing in my life. I also shared with my friend that having a blog helps me to be a little more exciting in the things I do with Miles and to take more pictures. That was where the conversation turned to how do you do that without being prideful.

I don't always do it perfectly. There are times when I read others' blogs and think of how wonderful their lives look. They seem to be perfect mothers with perfect children and perfect hair. But that's not real life. I love the women who blog about real life – its' struggles, failures and triumphs. If all you ever write about on your blog is the latest adventure you took with your kids or how amazing your husband is, you're going to breed jealously and pride.

I hope to make my blog a place where I can share what we are doing as a family, so it can serve as a good collection of our adventures to remember throughout the years, but more importantly, I want to share my heart, my struggles, my successes and my God. That's real life. I think that if sharing Jesus and what he's doing in my daily life is my goal and remains my priority, that I can steer away from writing with a prideful heart.

How do you keep from coveting others' lives, stuff or families when you read blogs? If you write a blog, how do you keep it down to earth?

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  1. Yes, I think that every blogger & blog reader goes through this. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective. As a blogger, I try to be honest. I've written a lot about my struggles with anxiety, depression, and obesity in the past. As a mommy blogger, I've written a lot about our very difficult struggle with Roman being a poor sleeper. I feel like honesty is the best policy. It's wonderful to share the beautiful side of life but it's equally important to share the terrible parts. That's just my humble opinion. <3